Using EMF to Enable Scalable Transmission Line Inspections
Date & Time
Monday, June 20, 2022, 4:15 PM - 4:30 PM
James Clark

An introduction to Manifold Robotics’ drone payload that uses power line EMF to enable safer and more efficient transmission line inspections. With this technology onboard a drone, power line EMF serves as a navigational source and allows inspection drones to measure their distance to transmission lines, track transmission lines, and use EMF as GPS backup. Manifold Robotics will be sharing how inspection workflows improve with EMF detection, how the technology works, and exclusive videos of their developments thus far.

Takeaway 1: Drone-based transmission line inspections have potential to operate at greater scale and lower operational expenses, however face limitations due to the complex nature of this infrastructure.
Takeaway 2: Manifold Robotics’ drone payload increases the safety, automation, and BVLOS potential of transmission line inspections through the detection of power line EMF.
Takeaway 3: Greater efficiency, safety and distance coverage with drones can cut operational expenses by at least 50%, allows inspectors to use drones more frequently than other methods such as helicopters.

Location Name
Waterway 5
Industrial XR Forum
Session Type
Breakout #1
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