Next Gen SOPs Based on Recent Lessons Learned: 2 Deep Dives
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM
Cynthia Huang Jake Lahmann John Mcclain

Deep Dive Session #1: Critical Aerial Support for Incident Response 

  • Cynthia Huang, CEO, ACSL
  • John McClain, Security Specialist and Chief Drone Pilot, PEMEX Deer Park  

Please join John McClain, Security Specialist and Chief Drone Pilot for PEMEX Deer Park, and Cynthia Huang, CEO of ACSL Inc., as they discuss progress and lessons learned from various disaster incidents over the past several years. This session will cover: 

  • How drones support large-scale and severe incidents in complex and dangerous environments
  • The different stages of operations and the utilization of data for decisions from start to finish of an incident 
  • How drone teams integrate into bigger ecosystem of emergency response both now and in the future  

Deep Dive Session: The Future Scale of UAS Operations in Utilities 

  • Cynthia Huang, CEO, ACSL 
  • Jake Lahmann, Manager of UAS Technology Solutions, Valmont  

While most Utilities in our nation today utilize drones in some segment of their business, the potential for true integration and scale extends far beyond what we see today. 

Jake Lahmann, UAS Technology Solutions Manager at Valmont Industries, and Cynthia Huang, CEO at ACSL Inc., will talk through many of the challenges impeding exponential adoption of UAS in Utilities today. They will also share their vision for what the potential could be and some of the key drivers to realizing that potential in the near future. 

  • What is actually critical for Utilities today and how can drones uniquely support those needs?  
  • Hardware or software? What will actually unlock true potential for industry wide transformation? 
  • What are some realistic starting points and some immediate pain points the industry can come together to tackle today? 


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Waterway 4
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