Full Name
Ronald S. Bell
Job Title
Company Name
Drone Geosciences, LLC
Speaker Bio
Ron is known around the globe as an advocate for the application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) fitted with a wide variety of sensor technologies to map the surface and subsurface geology as well as to detect and delineate metallic objects embedded within the soil and rock. After decades spent applying a wide variety of airborne, ground, and borehole geophysical techniques to the search of extractable resources as well as subsurface characterization for environmental contamination and infrastructure mapping, he began deploying autonomously operated aerial vehicles fitted with magnetometer. Within the fullness of time, Ron perfected the application of drone magnetometry to precisely locating of legacy oil and gas wells and the steel pipelines associated with wells. In 2021, Ron began working with two (2) electromagnetic (EM) systems fitted to a UAV to map pipelines and detect and delineate unexploded ordnance (UXO). He began his four (4) plus decade career in geophysics after being awarded a BSc in Applied Physics from Michigan Technological University. He is Senior Geophysicist & geoDRONEologist at Drone Geoscience, LLC. Ron is a FAA Part 107 Certified UAV pilot.
Ronald S. Bell