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William T. Whitehead
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Mr. Whitehead is a cultural resources specialist and the Drone Program Coordinator at SWCA. He has completed drone surveys in New Mexico, California, Wisconsin, Idaho, Colorado, and Arizona on tribal, federal, state, and private land for the last 4 years and directed the pilot program across the company. His work in New Mexico has been the most extensive, performing surveys on cultural resources, natural resources, geoformations such as karst features, 3D modeling of land surfaces, building models and collecting data to be used in artificial intelligence recognition systems for a variety of species, and developing novel ways of using drones to collect data to speed up the process of survey and resource identification. Under SWCA’s Data Acquisition program has been successful in creating new analysis techniques, data integration systems, and new equipment to the company. His career at SWCA has been varied, with direct work on survey, data recovery, laboratory analysis, sample processing, site reporting, report writing, and proposal preparation. He began his archaeological career with survey and data recovery projects in the Midwest, seeing projects through from proposal to accepted final report. Pursuing a graduate degree in archaeology took him to Bolivia and Peru where he specialized in archaeometric laboratory techniques and paleoethnobotanical analysis. His dissertation was on the early domestication of quinoa and the shift from hunting and gathering to farming in the Lake Titicaca basin, analyzing plant remains from over 5 year of excavation seasons. His first major work in ethnobotany is the co-authored book ” Plant Utilization in Southeastern New Mexico: Botany, Ethnobotany and Archaeology,” a Bureau of Land Management sponsored text, published in 2017. This text combines the ethnography, botany and archaeology of the region into a single accessible source. Free access can be found at https://core.tdar.org/document/427637/plant-utilization-in-southeastern-new-mexico-botany-ethnobotany-and-archaeology.
William T. Whitehead