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In addition to valuable intel you can’t find anywhere else, Industrial IMMERSIVE Week events including: Industrial XR Forum, Industrial Digital Twin, and Energy EdgeTECH Summits focus on high touch engagement and connections. Reach the hard-to-find real-world buyers in the rapidly growing industrial VR/AR/XR, 3D, Digital Twin & spatial computing markets.

We help you maximize your marketing ROI by bringing together the most defined, high value audience of energy & engineering industry decision makers in the world, who are very difficult to find elsewhere.

This year, you have the opportunity to sponsor both digital and hybrid events.

What does the industry think of Industrial IMMERSIVE events?

“A lot of customers are here, and the content is very high quality. Everything has just been remarkable. I think by next year, this is going to be the ‘must-do’ event on everybody’s list.   Amy Peck, Founder, EndeavorXR
“Came to meet with prospective partners and found a concentrated group of very capable VR/AR experts at the Industrial XR Forum! I'll Be Back.”  Samuel Trevino, Amazon / Flight Test & Training
“I really enjoyed attending and speaking at the 2020 Industrial XR Forum last week. The event was fantastic, well attended, and jam packed with a convergence of immersive tech thought leadership.  Chris Verret, CTO, HTX Labs
“Industrial XR Forum was the most focused and efficient conference we have been to. Numerous deep conversations. Attendees who were here had an interest & were looking for VR & AR Solutions.  Daryl Roy, CEO, 3D Media

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